The following are projects for which Harold Morris was the lead designer, project manager and/or the engineer of record, some while employed at another firm.


  • Ridge Tahoe Clubhouse Remodel (A/S), Stateline
  • Carson Mall West Remodel (A/S), Carson City
  • Plaza 50 Remodel (A/S), Carson City
  • Friends in Service Helping (FISH) Storage Structure (C/A/S), Carson City
  • Carson Lanes Retail Center (A/S), Carson City
  • Carson Mall East Remodel (A/S), Carson City
  • Silver Dollar Casino (now Jackpot Crossing) (A/S), Carson City
  • Bodine's Casino (S), Carson City
  • Carson City Harley Davidson (S), Carson City
  • Longs Drugs Buildings D & F1 (A/S), Carson City
  • Merriner Cottages (A/S), Carson City
  • Carson Quail Retail Center (S), Carson City
  • Empire Ranch Golf Course Club House (A/C), Carson City

Tenant Improvements:

  • Battle Born Auto Body (C/A/S), Carson City
  • Well Being Gym (A), Carson City
  • Hacienda Market & Grill Market (C/A/S), Carson City
  • Tahoe Ridge Winery (A/S), Carson City
  • SalonCentric (A), Carson City
  • U.S. Subbase (C/A/S), Carson City
  • Elaine White Family Therapy (C/A), Carson City
  • 21st Century Tax (A), Dayton
  • Cavist Manufacturing (A/S), Reno

Office Buildings:

  • Tom Peters Construction Office Expansion (A/S), Carson City
  • Sierra Nevada Cancer Center (A/S), Carson City
  • Gibbons Medical Office Building (A/S), Carson City
  • Waterloo Professional Center (A/S), Gardnerville
  • 2nd & Roop Street Professional Office Building (S), Carson City


  • Walker River Cooling/Nevada Fresh Pak Building and Expansion (A/S), Yerington
  • Tesla Switchgear Building (A/S), Storey County
  • Pinion Aero Phase 2a Airport Hangars (A/S), Minden
  • Source Interlink Warehouse remodel (A/S), Carson City
  • Triangle Labs (A/S), Carson City
  • Calculated Industries (A/S), Carson City
  • Griswold Machine Bridge Crane (S), Mound House
  • Rice Hydro (A/S), Carson City


  • Imperial Duplex - 2 units (C/A/S), Carson City
  • Gordon Park Apartments #2 - 12 units (C/A/S), Carson City
  • Airport Apartments - 78 units (C/A/S), Carson City
  • Gordon Park Apartments - 57 units (A/S), Carson City
  • Imperial Way Apartments - 28 units (A/S), Carson City
  • Cherrywood Apartments - 48 units (A/S), Fernley


  • Fernley Hampton Inn (A/S), Fernley 
  • Candlewood Suites (C/A/S), Winnemucca
  • Holiday Inn Express Remodel (A/S), Winnemucca
  • Holiday Inn Express (A/S), Red Bluff, CA
  • Holiday Inn Express (A/S), Minden
  • Plaza Hotel (A/C), Carson City


  • Potestio Residence (C/A/S), Genoa   
  • Bergantz Residence (C/S), Washoe Valley
  • Quon Residence (C/A/S), Genoa   
  • Betz Residence (C/A/S), Washoe Valley
  • Kreck Residence (A/C/S), Carson City
  • Johnson Residence Remodel (C/A/S), Minden
  • Cummings Residence (C/A/S), Genoa
  • Dooley Barn (A/C/S), Washoe Valley
  • Noyes Residence Remodel (A/S), Round Hill (150 psf snow)
  • Abts Residence Remodel (A/C/S), Reno
  • Abowd Spec Home (A/C/S), Carson City
  • Wilson Residence (A/C/S), Minden
  • Williams Residence (A/S), Washoe Valley
  • Glanzmann Residence (A/C/S), Carson City
  • Dhami Residence Remodel (A/S), Carson City
  • Morris Residence (A/C/S), Minden
  • Atkins Residence (A/S - ICF construction), Dayton
  • Palmer Residence (A/S), Carson City
  • Hall Residence Remodel (S), Incline Village (176 psf snow)
  • Scotch Pines Spec (S), Reno (104 psf snow)
  • Mountain Park Subdivision, Carson City (600 homes)
  • Daytona Heights Subdivision, Dayton (300 homes)

All projects were located in Nevada unless noted otherwise.
A - Architectural Design, S - Structural Engineering, C - Civil Engineering